Office 2016-2021 online activation

Before installing the version we have purchased, we will uninstall all previous versions of Office. When a new PC is purchased with Office 365 pre-installed, we do the uninstallation according to the instructions in this case as well.

For instructions on how to uninstall old versions of Office click here

We then proceed according to the following steps:

Download the installation file from this link (fig. 1) - in the instructions we install and activate Office 2021 Professional Plus, if you have purchased a different product download the file according to the product you have purchased

obr. 1

fig. 1

Install the downloaded file (fig. 2,3,4,5) - if you have Windows 7 you will need an external program (e.g. WinRAR, PowerISO) to unzip the file, Windows 8 and higher can unzip the file without external programs

obr. 2

fig. 2

obr. 3

fig. 3

obr. 4

fig. 4

obr. 5

fig. 5

After installation, open Word, where the program automatically prompts you to insert the license key (fig. 6). Insert the key you have purchased. (fig. 7)

obr. 6

fig. 6

obr. 7

fig. 7

The program will prompt you to activate, if this does not happen click on Account - Activate Product (fig. 8) , do not delay activation until the last minute. Activate the product immediately after installation (in case the key is incorrect you can use Office in a trial version - until the product is reclaimed)

obr. 8

fig. 8

Since you have purchased the product with online activation, you will use the first option. Click on "I want to activate the software via the Internet (recommended)" (fig. 9)

obr. 9

fig. 9

After clicking next, the product should be activated (fig . 10, 11). If you get an error message check your invoice to see if you have purchased Office with telephone activation.

obr. 10

fig. 10

obr. 11

fig. 11

If you have any difficulties during this process, you can contact us by email:, by filling in the complaint form: How to fill in the complaint form or via WhatsApp Chat at +421 910 655 025 .