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Billing information:

CD-Keys s.r.o.
Trstená 15
028 01 Trstená
Slovak Republic

VAT: SK2121354268
District Court Žilina , section: SRO, file. no.: 75869/L


Bank details:

Tatra Banka, a.s.
IBAN: SK0211000000002949093214

Supervisory and supervisory authority:

SOI (Slovak Trade Inspection), Predmestská 71, 011 79 Žilina 1

Customer support is available:

Mon-Sa: 9:00-21:00

We are also here for you outside of the above hours and we can solve problems outside of these hours by appointment. If we do not answer the phone, we will call you back. Thank you for your understanding.

We offer:

quality products
  • - original products, no developer versions or other versions that need to be activated over the phone
unbeatable prices
  • - in our price range you will not find an e-shop that offers original licenses that are linked to an account Microsoft (if you find one, write to us - we will match the price)
customer support
  • - we offer you customer support 7 days a week - even outside outside of the stated hours
years of experience
  • - we have experience in selling / installing Microsoft products, we will definitely be able to solve your problem - if one 
  • - every product comes with a warranty as a matter of course, in case of portable licenses you have a lifetime warranty on the functioning of the product
individual and human approach
  • - if you can't help yourself, we will be happy to help you, using a human approach (and in return we ask you for the same human approach from you to us)
delivery within 2 minutes
  • - in case of payment by credit card online + if the product is in stock the license will arrive within 2 minutes after payment
  • - our e-shop was established in April 2020, during this time we have served more than 22 000 satisfied customers, objective reviews can be viewed on /